June 2023 :

French PhD students attended the ISWAVLD meeting in Lyon, France ( to present their results on leptospirosis in rodents trapped in urban parks (MArta Garcia Lopez) and the dilution effect associated with forest anthropization (Marie bouilloud). Congratulations for your great posters.


A new paper by Annetta Zintl et al. on the presence and identity of Babesia microti in Ireland has been published in Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases

May 2023 :

Several members of BiorodDis participate in the 17th Rodens et Spatium conference in Valladolid.

Congratulations to Marie Bouilloud, Andrew McManus and Vincent Sluydts for their great presentations.


April 2023: We had our spring meeting with great presentations. Congrats for all the progress made on the different research axes of BioRodDis (pathogen detection, risk sociology, pathogen interaction modeling, dilution effect, pathogens and invasions, pathogens and behaviours,... )


April 2023 : Congratulations to our colleague Maciej Grzybek (Medical University of Gdańsk) who just received the British Society of Parasitology 2023 President's Medal

He presented a great talk on "Biomonitoring and long-term studies on sylvatic rodents in Poland – the good, the bad and the effort." at the BSP conference in Edinburgh.

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March 2023 : Submission of a new paper by Hussein Alburkat et al., on the detection, characterization and evolution of Seoul virus in rats trapped in a French urban park, has been submitted to Emerging Infectious Diseases.


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February 2023

Jasmin, Jana and Mario are presenting their results on rodent personality and zoonotic infections at the joint meeting of the BfR and the Ethological Society in Berlin. Take a look at their poster in the dissemination section !


January 2023

We have a new BioRodDis paper accepted !

Bouilloud, M. et al. (2023) Three-way relationships between gut microbiota, helminth assemblages and bacterial infections in wild rodent populations. PCI Journal. Doi:10.1101/2022.05.23.493084v2


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