Stakeholders engagement

Stakeholders engagement



Outputs produced in partnership and for stakeholders, political actors and decision-makers
Reports sent after each sampling mission (diversity of small mammals captured, abundance, pathogens detected)
Annual information meetings (presentation of results, discussion of health and environmental issues related to the results)
Information meetings on the results of quantitative surveys conducted among users and managers of the sites studied, relative to  the knowledge of rodents, zoonoses and the means of prevention against the zoonotic risk
Policy briefs (at the end of the project)

Involvement of stakeholders and policy makers

Focus Group (December 2022, Lyon, France) gathering representatives of all public actors and decision makers

- Presentation of the results of the BioRodDis project
- Workshop 1 - Public awareness and prevention of zoonotic diseases associated with rodents
- Workshop 2 - Reconciling biodiversity conservation and health issues in site management


Ireland : Explaining BioRodDis project and relationship to Agriculture to members of the Kerry Group on a fieldtrip as part of the Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture (Level 7), 2022


Muir and KG

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