Isabelle ARPIN




Isabelle Arpin is a sociologist at LESSEM, at the INRAE in Grenoble (France). She is interested in ways of studying and managing nature in the Anthropocene and is currently working on inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations. Her research lies at the crossroad of environmental sociology and the social studies of science. She has carried out numerous field investigations that account for contemporary changes in the relationship between science, nature and society.

Clémence MASSART

Post-doctoral fellow in sociology ;



Clémence Massart is a sociologist of science, environment and health. In her PhD, dedicated to Lyme disease, she sought to understand the controversies surrounding it based on the knowledge and practices of the main actors involved in this emerging issue. She then taught in a master's programme, developed a participatory science system for citizens, and coordinated a book on the challenges posed by global changes in ski resorts.

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