BioRodDis outputs include a wide array of documents, tools and data, adapted to different audiences (from academia to society) and designed to reach different goals (open science, scientific knowledge dissemination, stakeholder engagement, ...). Some examples are provided below.

Open science and Scientific knowledge dissemination

   - Standardized protocols

   - Standardized scripts for data bioinformatic and statistical analyses

   - Demos for training

   - Shared dataset (e.g. field data are included in GBIF)

   - Scientific publications

   - Presentations in international scientific conferences

Tournage-19 - copie

Stakeholder engagement

   - Fieldwork reports

   - Booklets about zoonotic risks associated with small mammals

   - Flyers

   - Multi-stakeholder forums

   - Joint recommendations for policy stakeholders

   - Interviews in local newspapers, and other medias

Modification date : 18 July 2023 | Publication date : 09 March 2021 | Redactor : N Charbonnel